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Hey There Guys. Welcome to the first post of this series "Quick and Dirty Introduction to JavaScript". You are here because you want to learn JavaScript from Scratch and in a very little time.
Please note that if you know some other programming languages , then you'll find out that JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, untyped interpreted programming language that is well-suited to object-oriented and functional programming styles. To created a beautiful web page it needs three major ingredients

  1. HTML (for structure)
  2. CSS(For Presentation)
  3. JavaScript(For Behaviour)
JavaScriptis is a programming language that lets you supercharge your HTML with animation, interactivity, and dynamic visual effects. You can add a lot of functionality to your HTML with JavaScript like, if you’ve filled out an online form and  hit the “submit” button, the web page can use JavaScript to check your entries in real-time and alert you almost instantly if you had filled out the form incorrectly.

JavaScript can make web pages more useful by supplying immediate feedback from your Website Visitor.

A JavaScript-powered shopping cart page can instantly display a total cost, with tax and shipping, the moment a visitor selects a product to buy. JavaScript can produce an error message immediately after someone attempts to submit a web form that’s missing necessary information and it's all take no time at all because JavaScript Execute on Client's Side (Your Browser) not on a Server.

A quick look to the history of JavaScript

JavaScript was Developed at Netscape in the early days of the World Wide Web and JavaScript is nearly as old as the web itself,technically, “JavaScript” is a trademark licensed from Sun Micro systems (now Oracle) used to describe Netscape’s (now Mozilla’s) implementation of the language. Netscape submitted the language for standardization to ECMA—the European Computer Manufacturer’s Association—and because of trademark issues, the standardized version of the language was stuck with the awkward name “ECMAScript.” For the same trademark reasons, Microsoft’s version of the language is formally known as “JScript.” In practice, just about everyone calls the language JavaScript.
There is not a single similarity between Java and JavaScript.JavaScript was originally named LiveScript, but the marketing guys at Netscape decided they’d get more publicity if they tried to associate the language with the then-hot Java. Don’t make the mistake of confusing the two…especially at a job interview

Writing JavaScript and Executing it Directly from your Browser.

All Major Browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari , Mozilla FireFox, Opera and IE (IE sucks Don't Use it ) comes with a integrated JavaScript Console. In This Series i will mostly use Chrome's JavaScript Console but you are free to use any other as well.In Future Tutorials in this Series , I will Introduce you to FireBug and tell you how to use it so that you can develop website rapidly.In Next tutorial we will write our firs JavaScript Program. Thanks for reading, See you in next post

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