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Hello again guys !
in this post we are going to understand the the IDLE and it's feature.
According to Mark Lutz
"IDLE is a desktop GUI that lets you edit, run, browse, and debug Python
programs, all from a single interface. It runs portably on most Python platforms, including
Microsoft Windows, X Windows (for Linux, Unix, and Unix-like platforms),
and the Mac OS (both Classic and OS X). For many, IDLE represents an easy-to-use
alternative to typing command lines, a less problem-prone alternative to clicking on
icons, and a great way for newcomers to get started editing and running code. You’ll
sacrifice some control in the bargain, but this typically becomes important later in your
Python career."

Let me tell you some good features of IDLE.
You can type Python code and see the output/result of that code immediately in to the Python Shell, IDLE comes with an internal code editor which is very useful , because it provides the developer , code suggestions, syntax highlighting ,indent support and many other useful facilities. 
for those who don't know that what is python shell should take a look on the image below

It's nothing but a command line interpreter of Python (Please don't get confused.follow me and every thing will be all right :) )
So open the IDLE and type
print("Hello ! Python")

and press enter
follow the screenshot below

So now you know how to write and run a python program from the interpreter (where the Python commands can be typed and executed.) now let's learn how to create python program,saving the program with a .py extension and how to run it.

well it's quite simple. On IDLE go to FILE >> New File or Simply Press Ctrl + N and it will open a new window of IDLE code editor
now write a simple line of python program like you did on interpreter  , yes the same hello python program after then save it with desirable name with a .py extension like or after that hit F5 and the result will be there at the python shell. follow the screen shot below

All right now you know how to write and run Python code with both methods . in next post we will encounter the data types of python and please have a look at the comic (left) and don't feel like that comic guy :p see you in next post  Happy Coding :)

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