Ved Prakash Inroduction to Python | codinggiri GuidePedia


Python is a great programming language to choose if you are a beginner.
 Let me tell you some point , why you should choose python as your first programming language (as a learner).

  1. Learning Pythnon is easy and fun
  2. No Boilerplate like #include or using  or import just start coding
  3. Less line of code , you can write a simple hello world program in just one line but other languages take 10-15 line to write the same hello world program.( Fewer lines of code=fewer bugs. )
  4. It's Free 
  5. Free doesn't mean no or less support. There are countless communities and forum on internet where you can get help.
  6. Tons of modules to jump start a new project.
  7. Python codes are 1001 % more readable than any other programming languages .
  8. Python is flexible no matter which OS you are using Linux , windows , mac , free BSD or any other Python codes supper flexible the same code will run on any OS with no or  little change.
  9. Good quality documentation is there.
  10. It's easy to start up and light weight, but can add a ton of value.

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